What is Design / Build ?
Design/Build is the method of contracting where the owner hires a competent contractor who in turn provides the services of an architect, structural engineer, mechanical/electrical engineer, civil engineer and any specialty consultants. All design and construction is handled under one contract. The design team works with the owner from day one to design a building best suited to the owners needs. The best construction value, most sensible materials and methods and the owners requirements are all designed into the building project. The result is a building with a realistic budget, little or no change orders, and the best effective design right from the start.
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•The Design & Build team is maintained throughout the project to ensure continuity of responsibility and communication.
•The Owner/Client's time and commitment is greatly reduced using the Design & Build approach.
•The Design & Build team takes full responsibility for coordinating and managing the design and construction process for the Client/Owner.
•All Architectural and Engineering fees are included within the Design & Build costs and are not related to the value of the project.
•The contractor establishes realistic completion dates.
•Facilitates cohesiveness between the design and construction processes.
•The overall timescale from concept to completion is reduced significantly.

Do you have an idea for a project and need professional help to get your project off the ground?
The recent popularity of Design/Build is proving something we at Mann Construction have known about for years. The Design/Build process is the simplest, fastest and most cost effective way for an owner to complete their project.